October 7, 2020 at 10:12 am

Blocking Pattern Begins Around Halloween and Goes Into November; An Up In Temperatures Also Expected This Next Week; Mars Shining Brightest In The East Sky At Sunset


Article contents:  Talking about the warm-up this next week with the blocking pattern and cutoff low in the area possible, with Mars at its brightest until 2035 and also important SCWF Page Supporter Information to SCWF micro-climate alert member holders so read on for details …

A ridge of high pressure is expected to develop this next week and a cutoff low will form underneath that to our south.  This cutoff system will be monitored on to what impacts it can have.  I am not promising rain or thunderstorms right now with it and it is just going to be the main player in the pattern by the middle of this next week, so around the 13th or 14th.  If it meanders out there south of here followed by the jet stream finally dipping down, a blocking pattern would occur and we would not only have heating, but we would have a Santa Ana Wind Event.  Everything will be monitored over the next few days, but we are around 5-7 days out from anything.

A blocking pattern means the jet stream is starting to be affected by the temperature changes in the arctic vs down here.  That is the transfer of wind flow for you.  Blocking patterns for us means that eventually in the medium range to out to a month, a storm will finally dip down into our region.  Indications of this pattern through November suggests colder storms moving into our region.

Mars will also be the brightest it has ever been in years, and will not be again till 2035.  It is shining three times brighter than the brightest star and just shy of brilliant Venus.  You can catch Mars this evening in the east skies at Sunset.  It rises each hour and gets brighter as it gets out of the haze.

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