Hurricane Zeta To Impact Louisiana Coast as a Hurricane on Wednesday Evening into The Night; With Tropical Storm Warnings Extending to Atlanta, Georgia Thursday Morning


National Weather Force has issued a Hurricane Warning effective now for the Houma, New Orleans LA, and Gulfport, MS regions as Hurricane Zeta moves in later Wednesday evening, with a projected landfall of 7pm Central Time.  National Weather Force also has issued a Tropical Storm Warning extending northeast from there into the Southern half of Alabama and into the Atlanta, Georgia areas through Thursday morning as Zeta plows inland to the northeast so read on for details and see the larger images below …

Tropical Storm Zeta is exiting the Yucatan, Peninsula as we speak.  The winds are starting to strengthen once again as it enters deeper into the Gulf of Mexico.  Projections here at National Weather Force bring it to a Category Two before the day is over and even a run at Category Two by Wednesday morning.   The size of the system is rather small, much smaller than any other system before it.  This means that land interaction should not weaken it as much as it nears the Louisiana Coast later Wednesday evening.  So it could easily hit as a Category Two… if not.. then a strong one on a slight weakening trend.  Still, the possibility exists for category two conditions on landfall.

It will weak to Tropical Storm status over Wednesday night.  I actually issued the Tropical Storm Warning to include the Western Florida Panhandle given the southerly flow east of the system will bring tropical storm force winds there for Pensacola.  The system will move through MS/AL on Wednesday night and into Atlanta, Georgia by Thursday morning.  It is a fast moving system as it is being swept up by the upper jet.   Below are the images for this storm.  I did not do a tornado one because the system is very small compared to many others and the dynamics are not there to warrant a tornado risk of more widespread proportions.  I do not think many will hit enough for a watch so I won’t issue one.

Tracking Chart
NWF Warnings
Flood Risk Model

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