Sunspot Larger Than Earth Capable Of Strong Solar Flare Activity Rotating Into View Through The Next Week; Elevated Worldwide Earthquake Activity Possible Along With Signal Disruptions


The arrival of this sunspot, provisionally numbered AR2786, has been anticipated for days. NASA’s STEREO-A spacecraft saw it while it was still on the far-side of the sun. Although it is quiet now, the calm may be temporary. AR2786 was flaring late last week, and it could do so again.

The face of the sun is now peppered with sunspots–a sign that Solar Cycle 25 is gaining steam. In fact, two more sunspots may be on the way:

So what does this mean?  Solar Cycle 24 was relatively quiet and solar cycle 25 so far was seemingly following the same pattern as 24.  However, we have seen the most sunspots on the Sun for this recent cycle so the activity is just starting to begin, leaving us with a climb to peak between 2025 and 2027 with the 11 year cycle from high to low.  Geomagnetic storms from strong solar flares have been proven to elevated seismic activity across the world.  While the exact reason for this has not been uncovered, it may have something to do with the core slightly shifting towards the area magnetized, creating a ‘coreshock’ in term; hitting the bottom of the crust as the shockwave travels through the mantle.

Such the case will happen again and a reason I stated before that we are coming out of an Earthquake drought.  If Solar Cycle 25 gets stronger, we will have increased seismic activity across the entire planet.  One such event was the 9.0+ Sumatra quake on Christmas Day 2004.  This was during the height of an earlier cycle.  California’s stronger earthquake patterns have happened while on top, or coming off a stronger solar cycle.  1989’s Loma Prieta quake on the San Andreas Fault happened at the height of the solar cycle 22, as well as coming down from that strong cycle was the 1992 Landers and Big Bear earthquakes along with the 1994 Northridge quake.  Solar Cycle 23 was not as strong as 22, but we did have a number of strong earthquakes across the world.  Solar cycle 24 started around 2008-9 and ended in 2019 and beginning of 2020 where cycle 25 has taken over.  As we climb higher into cycle 25 we will see more stronger earthquakes across the world.

So, as the next sunspot rotates across the Sun’s disk and becomes Earth directed, all eyes are on if it pushes a solar flare out.  Solar flares can also disrupt radio and GPS signals.

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