December 2020 Arizona Weather Pattern Forecast Suggests Anti-La Nina Characteristics With Cold Western USA Trough


December 1st marks meteorological winter’s start and you can think of it as June 1st where the transition to summer then (winter for this) is going to take place.  Long-range numbers indicate that we will have a cold trough in the Western United States so read on for details …

As we move along to December 9th, my long-range calculations indicate a ridge developing in the Eastern United States that will last the entire month on average.  This means that a trough will be introduced to the Western United States for cold air and storms coming down from the Gulf of Alaska.  This type of setup is not normal during La Nina.  So what will happen is the month of December will be below average in temperatures with many cold shots moving on through.

The month has the characteristics in the atmosphere to produce storms in the region, some of them being highly active.  It will be a mixed bag month.  So far, the November forecast for Central USA tornado setups is going as predicted.  This means that we will see an upswing in storm activity here as we move through early 2021 especially.  My numbers do indicate the atmosphere will be capable of numerous tornado setups across Arizona between December and May.  Here at Arizona Weather Force, I am fully capable of predicting those events when they are coming, due to having developed a tornado forecast model for this area.


Many of you are wondering when the major rains have the best chance at coming.  Well, think of Summer.  What months have the best chance of summer heat?  July and August do.  They are the seventh and eighth months.  Add 6 months to each and you get January and February as the equal to those months but in the dead of winter.  January and February are typically the wettest months of winter in Arizona for storms just as July and August hold the hottest and wettest months of summer.

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