High Wind Warning and Wind Advisory


Issued Zones:  All Mountains … High Desert … AV .. Morongo … All Island Zones … Santa Barbara … Ventura … SCV/SFV …

Site:  Southern California Weather Force has issued a High Wind Warning / Wind Advisory Hybrid for Saturday …

Date:  12/10/20 at 8:30am PT

Forecast: Winds wiill be gusty in the Kern County mtn/des regions today, however the main focus for the region is on Saturday with a northwest jet pumping into the region.  Within the map above, wind advisory level winds are generally between 30-50 mph with 50+ at warning levels.  The metro High Desert is included in the widespread High Wind Warning criteria. 

Because of the sinking air, northwest winds can bring gusty winds to Santa Clarita, San Fernando, Ventura, Santa Barbara, and all island areas offshore.  Blowing sand/dust is certain in the warning zone of the High Desert.

These winds are NOT a fire hazard, so I do not see the power companies shutting power off because of them.

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Forecaster: KM

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