FINAL FORECAST: Pacific Storm BIDEN impacts Southern California Starting Tonight, Goes Through Monday, Ends On Tuesday; Complete Model Suite


Pacific Storm Biden will finalize as a category three, with at the center of it as a whole having heavy rain/snowfall at times, thunderstorm risk, and a mostly moderate flood advisory potential.  The only thing that is keeping him from upgrading to ‘major’ status at a category four is the lack of damaging frontal zone winds so read on for details in what is always the most detailed forecast images in the region …

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Biden is about to hit the central coast, I’m expecting the hit to be this evening.  As our evening goes along, onshore flow developing with a healthy low-level atmosphere situation will bring upsloping pre-frontal showers to Ventura, Los Angeles, Orange, Inland Empire, and San Diego’s forecast area.  We will see the first front move through overnight and into Monday morning.  The next one over the day on Monday and into some of the night. 

Depending on where you are, you have either a winter or flood alert. Or… you simply have none.

FLOOD ADVISORY – Through Tuesday Sunrise

Issued Zones: All coast/valley/basin areas, excluding Kern Valley and immediate San Diego Downtown area.

WINTER STORM WARNING – Through Tuesday Sunrise

Issued Zones: Kern, Santa Barbara, Ventura, Los Angeles, San Bernardino, Riverside, San Diego, and Santa Ana Mountains … Cajon, Banning, and Gorman Pass … Upper Yucaipa and Cherry Valley …

I control 10 counties in Southern California so there is a lot to say for various areas. The best I can do is let the images below speak for themselves. They are separated into five rows of four. Four zones that I control. If you are in Southern California, you are in one of these. Each is identical so zone 1 is the same on all the rows and so on. Here is the key to the rows below.  They are extremely detailed.

Row 1 – Rainfall
Row 2 – Snowfall – Even more maps by clicking here
Row 3 – Flood Risk
Row 4 – Cloud Charge (lightning potential)
Row 5 – Events Expected by Micro-Climate

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