Thunderstorm Watch Issued For Monday afternoon and Evening; Secondary Front To Impact Same Regions Hit Overnight; What is Next


Southern California Weather Force has re-issued the Thunderstorm Watch for the same areas that got hit overnight as the in-office thunderstorm forecast model shows areas of strong activity arriving this afternoon and into the evening.  The outskirts of the watch are in the weather advisory alert, so areas into San Diego County north to the Inland Empire so read on for details, including the first week of January storm values rising …

Pacific Storm Biden may have brought 30-40 mph wind gusts along the front, however, it was sub-severe storm limits.  Category three is suiting the system thus far with little damage reported from the overnight storms.  The secondary front is nearing Point Conception now and it will cross through Santa Barbara first.  This area will be the last of the storm dynamics with a due west to east flow across the watch area.  Through the afternoon and evening, expecting low-level lift to maximizes in the watch zones from Santa Barbara, Ventura, Los Angeles, and Orange County.  This is why the in-office thunderstorm risk model has a red-shade across the region, which is for a number of lightning strikes again, only this time during the day for some of you so structures of the clouds like looking for funnel clouds, small tornadoes, or waterspouts is a given.

A straggling frontal zone will keep isolated lightning strikes across the Inland Empire down into San Diego County as well.  This is why you have the lesser class alert, weather advisory.  Still, in the weather advisory areas expect heavy rainfall, hail at times, and isolated lightning strikes.

What is next?  The system is expected to move out tonight, leaving Tuesday with the back-end of it.  Believe it or not, reverse flow indicates pass and canyon Santa Ana Winds on your Tuesday, so expecting 30-40 mph wind gusts, isolated 50 mph at times below them along Highway 14 and The Cajon Pass areas.

The first week of January:  The first week of January is featuring values indicating the storm door into California remains open – so after January 4th, we should see the next system move in.  It will be very potent for the Northern half of California so if you are former SCWF viewers, the National Weather Force national page will take care of that for you.  Click here for that –

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