5.2 Earthquake Hits Southern San Andreas Fault Zone Near Salton Sea At End Of SCWF 10 Day Earthquake Watch Window


Back on May 24th, an article was released here at Southern California Weather Force for a 10-day Earthquake Watch window that would start on May 26th, the last total lunar eclipse date.  This watch has been fulfilled with a 5.2 Earthquake hitting the Southern San Andreas Fault today, the 10th day.  Read on for details …

If interested in reading that article for the watch, click here. 

The article quotes;

“As for the California Fault Stress Model.  A station inside the ground here at the Southern California Weather Force office measures ULF (Ultra Low Frequency) waves and when they start to elevate is when attention is paid that a moderate or higher quake is expected in the area.  Geomagnetic storms have been known to affect the fault systems and a sunspot a couple of days ago put out a rapid-fire of over 12 solar flares in the direction of Earth.  These flares produced a CME (Coronal Mass Ejection) set to hit the region on Wednesday at 1-2 pm local Pacific Time.  A geomagnetic storm is expected, which can make the system unsettled as well as disrupt GPS navigation systems at times.  The Geysers and Mammoth are key areas to look for when the system is becoming more unstable.  Both areas are ‘talking to each other right now so attention will be paid over the next 10 day period.  A total eclipse on Wednesday also enters into the late Jim Berkland’s Syzygy theory.  So we have a geomagnetic storm, a syzygy, and an elevated system so tensions are getting higher.

So that is it, eyes are on the tropics and fault systems over the next 10 day period. “

When issuing these watches, the California Fault Stress Model must show signs of building pressure.  Special instruments that detect ULF (Ultra Low Frequency) waves that I have in the ground here at the office give me a daily value that goes into the Fault Stress Model graphs.  When they start showing strong spikes I issue an Earthquake Watch for CA/NV and Northern Baja, Mexico.  The watch period would start on May 26th.  Today is June 5th, the 10th day, and the last day of the watch window.  Just before 11:00 am this morning the 5.2 magnitude quake popped off.

We can continue to expect aftershocks from that section, some of them will be felt in the Coachella Valley.

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