June 23, 2021 at 2:31 pm

Thunderstorms Erupt East of Los Angeles; Stronger Monsoon Flow Projected By End Month; Details


The earlier issued Thunderstorm Watch was for overnight into noon today.  However, storms remained a few hours after expiration … but it’ll count in the box for sure.  We all have eaten something a day after expiration.  What is next, a deeper monsoon flow?  Read on for details …

Early this morning, thunderstorms hit San Diego and Landers, within the original thunderstorm watch box.  I originally wanted to expire it at noon and replace it, but I thought the weather advisory that goes all today in those zones would take care of it.  Sure enough, a storm came through Southern Orange County this afternoon and gained strength through the Inland Empire.  This is the tail-end of the upper-level divergence band associated with an upper-level low off the Central California Coast.  This should clear the area early this evening as it moves east.  Other areas in the watch box that got verified with thunderstorms include The Inland Empire, High Desert, San Bernardino, Riverside, Local Mountains, and even out to the Coachella Valley.

The next thing on the list to monitor would be Imperial County to the Eastern Riverside Deserts.  This area would latch onto the same divergence band moving east out of the Inland Empire and develop storms there.  I labeled it a severe thunderstorm watch due to the strong instability there.  Storms will form anywhere in the watch area from Imperial, Desert Center, and Blythe.

MEDIUM RANGE:  Medium range forecast gets interesting.  I called for a massive heatwave in the Pacific Northwest this weekend.  You can click here for that article.  This heatwave will be caused by a strong ridge of high pressure that rarely builds that far north during the Summer.  This ridge would migrate south and the storms rotating around it would bring impulses and deep moisture to Arizona and Southern California out of the east toward the end of the month.  This may be the strongest monsoonal flow in a very long time.  So stay tuned to Southern California Weather Force for updates.

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