Tuesday Storms Dynamics Discussion For Monsoon Dynamics Arrival Into Southern California Forecast Area; Details


Ok, I see there is some confusion with a lot of people over the forecast and video. Remember, I merged that video with Arizona Weather Force. You do know that most of this flow is for Arizona, Southern California will get the scraps like always. Sure, we could see things in our normal spots that see it, but one must understand, especially if you’re west of Los Angeles County… you rarely see anything from the monsoon season. Who will see what this time around… Read on for details …

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INTRODUCTION:  Monsoon Season usually starts atmospherically around July 4th so we are around on time for it for the Desert Southwest. Arizona will see several days of storm activity. Our area again… gets scraps. I will be around daily to assess who has the best chance of seeing something from it… but for right now, you need to be near the mountain/foothill zones if in the metros to see much of anything. This flow is a strong flow, but I assure you there will be even stronger ones in July that outdo the one that starts tomorrow.

FORECAST PLAN FOR MOTHER NATURE: The way I see it, there is a low-pressure center off the California coast still. It will bring a southwest flow over the Sierra Nevada today. This will push storms developing over those mountains into the Bishop, CA zones today for storms, and into Goldfield, NV. These will then be showers OR thunderstorms into Las Vegas way overnight into tomorrow morning. The outflow from this will go southward from NV into the High Desert and ignite storms there, finally hitting the LA/San Bern. Mountains and leaking some activity south into areas of the SCV/San Gabriel Valley, east to the Inland Empire for over the day on Tuesday. Las Vegas, you’re absolutely going to get ransacked by storms on Tuesday.

Las Vegas, you’re absolutely going to get ransacked by storms on Tuesday, June 29, 2021

LONG RANGE: Now remember my forecast is not just this week.. My forecast is the first half of July… and while we will have a break in the action for a pleasant 4th of July, after July 7th Hurricane Enrique, disturbs the four corners ridge, sending the easterly wave through the area for a due easterly flow for better chances west of the mountains … which will finish off the forecast video outline.

By the middle of July, Phoenix would surpass well over their July average and Tucson their halfway mark to an average Monsoon … and we still have a lot of Summer left. This bodes well for us in Southern California to share in the fruits of the monsoon season as the month goes along …

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