November 9, 2021 at 7:23 pm

Hang In There This November; Active December Looks To Be Strengthening For Storms Into Southern California; Follow-up


The Southern California Weather Force November forecast called for most of the rainfall happening toward the end of the month long forecast period, which included the first week of December.  November however was to have very little rainfall across the region as the Fall pattern starts to set up so read on for details as the weak La Nina at current is now starting to weaken more …

We seem to be in a three to four week storm period in the general region.  We had a similar system hit just yesterday and this morning for Central/Northern California up through the Pacific Northwest, with more on the way up there.  A stiff Sierra Nevada snow-pack is developing as we speak and Mt. Shasta is now snow-capped again.  The season, as stated in my 2021-2022 forecast (click here) will build up the Sierra Nevada snow-pack, which should run massive quantities of water down the rivers into the reservoirs.

We just have to get through November down here and then we can get these storms down here.  December is shaping up to be one of those high impact months down here where we will have numerous major storm systems into the region.  And yes, here at Southern California I still WILL name and categorize the storms that come through as to keep track of them, and it is something I’ve done since before 1999, and before any other sources for our Pacific Storm Season.   This year will have a number of category 5 (scale goes 1-6) systems into the Southland.  If you love storms and cold ones at that as well, December is going to be the month to watch.

So there is your follow-up.  We probably will see a system nearing the area sometime around November 19th, or just after it.  It doesn’t look major, but any type of system into the Martin Storm Diamond west of here this season would be stronger than projections do say.  We do NOT want an active November or we will have a non-active winter this season.  So far, it looks like it will hold off till the first week of December for anything bigger in the pattern, and into much of the month.  Suffice to say, Christmas should feel like Christmas this year, cold with storms on or surrounding it.

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