REMINDER: Near Total Lunar Eclipse Overnight Tonight, Thursday Night into Friday Morning; High Clouds Could Hamper The View; Return Of The Santa Ana Winds


With the exception of low marine layer clouds overnight tonight for the 1:00am Friday morning peak of the near total lunar eclipse, the post I made four days ago predicting high clouds could be a problem has come true along with the return of Santa Ana Winds over the weekend for the prone zones so read on for details …

In the last Facebook post (click here) on November 14th, I was worried high clouds could easily dampen the view.  My high cloud model for 1:00am Friday morning (Overnight tonight (Thursday) shows a grim sight, with bright reds being the high cloud thickness across the area.  Now, there will be breaks in the thicker clouds at times, so I’m going to predict this being a Full Moon night that starts off with most of us seeing the Moon with a halo around it, a 22 degree halo that will make for some pretty pictures.

As the night goes along after 11pm or so, the halo will start to fade as the moon loses the brightness as the Earth’s shadow starts to cover it.  Yes, the Earth’s shadow will reveal the planet is a sphere and NOT flat (ug I hate explaining that one, common knowledge for that society is out the window).  When we near 1:00am local time tonight, Friday morning, we will lose the halo completely and the Moon will look like a fuzzy red ghostly object in the sky for those whom do not have full thick cloud cover.

From the image in this post, the most red you have, the thicker the clouds will be in the upper levels.  So for those of you up at that time, it won’t be a crystal clear view at all, but the pre-event like the 22 degree halo might be worth having these high clouds around.

SANTA ANA WINDS:  The Santa Ana Winds are coming later Saturday into Sunday and I will need advisories or warnings out for wind + fire hazards so you have your pre-warning now before the article goes out –

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