Meteor Storm of Over 1000 Meteors Per Hour Possible Tonight Across the Southwest United States; Weather


Multiple forecasters agree that a meteor shower could erupt tonight, when Earth runs into one or more debris streams from Comet 73P. The display could be as intense as a meteor storm (1000 or more meteors per hour) or as weak as nothing at all. No one knows how much debris is inside the approaching streams, so meteor rates are hard to estimate.  An update on the fundraiser thus far and the weather for the event tonight as well so read on for details …

Whatever happens, people in North America are in a good position to see it. Almost the entire continent will be in Moon-free darkness when the shower peaks. Maximum activity is expected around 10:00 pm Pacific Daylight Time (05:00 UT) on Monday night, May 30th. The shower’s radiant (the point from which all meteors stream) will be almost straight above our heads here in the Southwest.

Weather:  The weather will be clear just about everywhere, so I do not see any issued.  However, you will need to have a darker sky for the meteors as most will be fainter than where light pollution stands.  I may be sick at the moment but even I am going to take a ride out to the desert later on just in case this happens.

FUNDRAISER:  The fundraiser here –
It just didn’t make it and it will end very soon as I close it out.  I do appreciate those who cared to try to make this a community type service and not so much a business, but I’m very sure Top Gun Maverick is more important than someone who helps you personally, right? …. Judging by what was made so far, I can pick one month during the summer to open the service up for everyone, but it just will not be the entire season.  To be thrown under the bus, with Top Gun, vacations, starbucks, bars, concerts, etc, just shows where I am in majority of my page’s eyes so thank you very much for that … Those that helped, you will be taken care of as equally as members this season.

That is all I have to say … Enjoy the viewing tonight should the event happen …

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