August 28, 2022 at 10:00 am

Special Weather Statement Issued: Major and Potentially Deadly Heatwave Expected Across Southern California Labor Day Weekend into the Week


Southern California Weather Force has issued a Special Weather Statement ahead of a major ridge of high pressure developing by Labor Day Weekend, which will also put many activities at risk in what will be the strongest heatwave this year thus far so read on for details …

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This happens quite often.  End August into early September usually is very hot and this is no exception.  Many just moving into Southern California’s metro zones do in fact think that September and October are cool-down month.  September is usually the hottest month in the metros due to many factors.  This factor however will be the monsoon ridge re-developing for monsoon moisture to come out of due east.

This easterly flow will create a weak offshore flow pattern for both heat and humidity.  Given the ridge of high pressure is pegging at 597dm, which is extremely high, I am expecting many inland areas between 108 and 116 degrees, temperatures that of what Phoenix, Arizona has during June and some of July.  This will be the strongest heatwave of the season thus far.  In reality, however, this happens after September 1st, and September 1st in meteorology is considered the start of Meteorological Fall, this it is the Fall Season weatherwise.

This easterly wave will also shove monsoon moisture way west into the area.  I will be monitoring this moisture and also if showers/thunderstorms will accompany the flow so continue to stay tuned to Southern California Weather Force for further updates.

The images below are of the SCWF Heat Model, and the key are the numbers as well.

VALID Labor Day Weekend into Early Labor Day Week
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5.  Heat Stroke Possible After 15-20 minutes of exposure with no water.
4.  Dangerous. If you want to hike in this, you must have a lot of water. Most people think that they have enough water, but they do not. This is the level at which kills a lot of people due to that reason. Working outside is not recommended. You do not want to be playing hot potato with your feet on the sidewalk in this level.  High Heat Warning criteria in the Deserts …
3.  Great discomfort. Do not exert yourself on a level three. Drink plenty of water, and hiking is not recommended without proper knowledge and supplies – High Heat Warning criteria in the valley/coastal zones.
2.  Some discomfort. Be cautious outside when working and drink plenty of water – Heat Advisory for the valley/coastal zones.
1. Very little discomfort, however, long periods of exposure could bring heat exhaustion.

The maps below are of flood, rain, snow, snow-level, or wind intensity, whichever is available now.  Each one is clickable.  Map 1 is NW SoCal, Map 2 is SW SoCal, Map 3 is SE SoCal, Map 4 is NE SoCal, Map 5 is the Cajon Pass, and Map 6 is the metro areas of VT/LA/OC/IE …


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