Thunderstorm Risk Zones Across Inland Southern California; September 12, 2022


These are thunderstorm risk zones for September 12, 2022.  One thing you can note is that it covers all mountain areas.  This will be complex and tough but short and sweet this will nail Barstow.  Outflow from the east on my model is reactivating the Hemet and Beaumont/Banning side of the Elsinore Convergence Zone.  You can see it in the lower-left model image for today.  The coverage model also nails Las Vegas with storms.

One thing to also note is the coverage model is touching the Coachella Valley.  Whether storms come off there or not, strong storms with flooding would make the streams run down the washes into the valley and create a river.

Use the clickable coverage map below for today’s locations and shower/storm coverage.


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