California In For a Secondary Gold Rush This Summer With Last Season Snow-pack Melting


There’s a new player to this winter’s historic storms in California: All the runoff is exposing more gold.  That is right, due to the river runoffs, the state of California is experiencing what could be a second gold rush this summer.  Stores across the state are selling more metal detectors than usual and heading off to the base of the mountains to find gold.

The storms this year have been unprecedented, especially across the Sierra Nevada.  When the snow-pack forms, the warmer air of summer will continue melt it and bring the sediments down the rivers and creeks and into the lower lands.  Areas below the Sierra Nevada will benefit more from it than any other area, however there also are spots for Southern California as well.  These are the main spots for gold in Southern California, and you will be surprised it is close to you.  So why not try your hand at what this season has offered.  Someone in Northern California has brought in $750 worth of gold in just a few hours of work.  Only 10-15% of California’s gold has been found.

1. Newhall – Saugus
2. Acton – Mill Creek
3. Frazier Mountain – Piru Creek
4. San Gabriel Canyon
5. Lytle Creek
6. Holcomb Valley
7. Pinacate – Menifee – Orange County
8. Julian – Banner
9. Kern River

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