October 18, 2023 at 11:27 am

FINAL FORECAST: 2023-2024 El Nino Season for Southern California


Southern California Weather Force has issued the final forecast for the 2023-2024 Strong El Nino Season.

The last update on the preliminary forecast will stand.  I will keep this as storms moving to the north mostly and delivering strong Santa Ana Wind Events, unlike the last several years.  I will be going opposite of the other forecasts and going for an average to below average season and not above average as I did with last year’s La Nina, where they went below average and lost.

There is no reason that I should sugar coat anyone that wants to always have a wet season.  You can’t always say it will always be what you want and also the news seems to do it yearly, but that is not what I do in reality, because that is not possible per science.  This is the year we will have a super cold season.  As per the article here – https://www.southerncaliforniaweatherforce.com/2023/09/25/preliminary-el-nino-forecast-for-the-southwestern-united-states-for-the-2023-2024-season-extreme-cold-projected/

That super cold season of 1912-1913 will finalize and stick for the forecast area.  It may not seem like it now because of the heat, but I can assure you that it will change fast as we will move through the next couple weeks as an appetizer with a Santa Ana Wind Event between October 24th and 27th.

Then after that, we will hit another warm period and then around mid-November to Thanksgiving you’ll see a major cold period …

Coldest periods will be New Years, January, and Early February.

The season will have a number of thunderstorms due to the upper-level temperature change.

So, to recap, Southern California as per my long-range forecast will be opposite of El Nino, having average to slightly below average rainfall, but nothing too dry … along with record breaking cold temperatures and a number of severe weather events for the strongest storms we do have with low elevation, even valley snow events.

If you have produce, I suggest remaining to the future forecasts as this will likely cripple the Central Valley (Kern and above) under no warning …

Master General Meteorologist – Raiden Storm

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