LONG RANGE WEATHER ADVISORY: First Pacific Storm of the Season for Southern California


Southern California Weather Force has issued a Long-Range Weather Advisory effective for mid-November, with a window between November 14th and 18th respectively.

A ridge south of Alaska will form with a ridge in Southern Canada.  This will block storms from moving up and over and into the Central/Eastern United States and allow a rouge low pressure system to form below it, in what is called a split flow pattern.

This pattern during the window of November 14th to 18th will provide Southern California with the first Pacific Storm of the season.  Given the path of this, it very well could bring heavy rainfall and even thunderstorms due to the upper-level dynamics.

A Long-Range Advisory is issued here at Southern California Weather Force when conditions in the 7-10 period are favorable and agreeable in the pattern for such a system.  Such a pattern will be a Raiden Storm Pattern, a pattern not seen by sources not from this source.

Stay tuned for updates as this system pattern nears … A category has not yet been assigned but will be in the coming days.

Master General Meteorologist – Raiden Storm

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