Long Range Weather Advisory: Series of Storms To Impact Southern California Surrounding Christmas Week


Southern California Weather Force has issued a Long-Range Weather Advisory.  As stated way back on November 28th, the thought of the first system to come would be between the window of December 13th and 20th (Reference A Link Below).  This window will make it as the first system is expected west of Los Angeles by Monday, December 18th.

As that system affects west of Los Angeles in areas like Ventura, Santa Barbara, Kern, and San Luis Obispo Counties, the strongest in the series will impact the rest of the region a few days before Christmas, and even near or on Christmas itself.

Southern California Weather Force models continue to indicate widespread extreme to high values for precipitation for this event.  This event is still a bit away for major details so continue to follow the official forecasts here at Southern California Weather Force for updates.

This series of storms will also be too warm for a snow issue so if you are wanting snow for Christmas in the mountains, this would not do it.

This pattern is the Raiden Storm Pattern of December 2023.  A Raiden Storm Pattern means said storm pattern was predicted here at Southern California Weather Force long before other sources mentioned it, bearing the name of who did it on credit and scientific archive purposes, and that I will take as being the official in charge for updates, including any flood watches.

LONG RANGE:  Systems will roll into the New Year, and January will be colder than normal.

Reference A – https://www.facebook.com/scweatherforce/posts/pfbid0ms6QDmN1rPR1LpiZ8ihcvgJkpFmDcbgWs5JfdLTnkoUZW8bhsYe6gxq79nF3UH5ol

Master General Meteorologist – Raiden Storm

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