Malibu Earthquake Fills Earthquake Watch; Likely Building for Larger; Watch Issued to February 25th


Southern California Weather Force has issued an Earthquake Watch for a larger Earthquake for California until February 25th, 2024, after the main sequence continues to elevate.

Move over Lucy Jones, I may be a meteorologist, but my expertise is actually patterns and numbers, which aligns to anything science or math ……  during the last watch windows, we had quakes up and down at 4 mags.  Back on January 26th, I issued an Earthquake Watch for California through February 8th.  A day later is fine, but we have had offshore quakes for Northern California between that time, and now one in Southern California.

Article on last watch window –

This last one in Malibu is the largest of the sequence at a 4.6.  Felt over a wide area, this quake will signal that we are close to a larger one across the state of California, closer than the 30-year prediction USGS keeps making.

As such, this Earthquake Watch window will go to February 25th.  Each window has produced a quake larger than when I started issuing these windows.

Keep in mind, we had a rare 4.0 magnitude quake offshore of Florida, then a 6.3 magnitude in Hawaii.  That clearly shows the Pacific and North American Plates are at civil unrest.

Again, always have your Earthquake Kits ready and/or preparations on standby.

Make an Emergency Plan: Create a family emergency communications plan that has an out-of-state contactKeep in mind that after a major earthquake, cellphone towers are jammed, and you will not be able to get through to anyone.

Plan where to meet if you get separated. Make a supply kit that includes enough food and water for several days, a flashlight, a fire extinguisher and a whistle.

– Raiden Storm –

Master General Meteorologist – is a consulting meteorologist for over 50 companies, including energy, agriculture, aviation, marine, leisure, and many more areas. He has certs from Mississippi State for broadcast met and Penn State forecasting certs MET 101, 241, 341 and 361 as a meteorologist, but before then was completely self-taught, barely learning a thing from the schools that he did not already know.

Both short and long-range is very important to know in those jobs so you can bet on accuracy here. He is versed in fields like Western USA, Tornadoes, Floods, Hurricanes, High Winds, Fire Behavior, Snow and Blizzards, Short RangeLong Range, Seasonal, and Life-Threatening decisions with over 25 years’ experience, out forecasting all weather services available today with lead-time and precision, which makes him a focus of ridicule and envy.

NOTE: Alerts are posted on here, be it a tornado watch, etc, and these alerts are issued from this office and nowhere else. At times, which is often, you will see an alert forecast posted on here that you do not see elsewhere.

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