Get Paid For Views To Your Posts has a diverse viewer-base across Southern California and we know you can report weather for us in your very own posts.  So we’re giving that chance for you to do it and make some spare change in the process.  This site does rely on ads to maintain as of now and we don’t get much for it at all … but we’re willing on doing you a favor in paying you $1 for every 1000 views to your posts combined … which is a 90% revenue share with room for more earnings as the site grows more with active events and participation.

What To Write About?:  Anything weather related.  If you are a surfer and want to write about the gnarly waves then so be it … a snowboarder wanting to write about the conditions on the slopes?  Why not?  Anything that has to do with weather or weather related activities is what you can write about in the reporter section.  The reporter section will be linked on the main page and via the menu … it’ll get views so just provide the content and read on for the rules and tips to make your articles get more views.

1.  During any weather events we’ll call onto you all as reporters to report the weather conditions you see in article form.  You can have one paragraph or as many as you like.  If you take photos you can also add them to the post.

2.  You are paid 1 cent per view, which is more than other writing sites give you.  We are doing a revenue share of 90% you 10% us, a very high giving number.  Consider this spare change for helping us out.  This is paid monthly and earnings can be tracked via your profile.

3.  This isn’t a get rich project unless you happen to garnish thousands of views on your own in a short amount of time.  During storm/wind events you can easily gain some change just for reporting what you see in a post on your articles and over time you can make some money with our site.

4.  All views are double-checked by the end of the month and if any are tampered with … the account will be terminated.  Be fair to us and we’ll be fair to you.

Tweet your article on twitter, Share it on your Facebook profile or page if you have one … + it on Google Plus … Do whatever you can to push your article or report out.  Tell your friends what you are seeing … and just relax and have fun writing a bit.

We may feature articles within our main articles on the front page and app system if the report is credible and the pictures are fantastic.  So this may boost some extra money for you.

INTERESTED?  If interested in being a part of this reporter program, please fill out the form below.

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