Join Email or Text Message Alert System

SCWF Subscribers range from emergency managers, roofing companies, trucking companies, sailors, pilots, and just for personal use.  The Free SCWF Subscriber is the lifesaver in getting notified when custom weather alerts are issued in your area with a radius of up to 15 miles at times for that said event to happen.

  • Email or Text Notification for all alerts on SCWF, from heat, cold, snow, wind, thunderstorms, long range, and more.  We have over 30 alerts!
  • Your own subscription control panel with over 50+ locations to choose from across Southern California so you only get the alerts you set!  You can change them at a click of a button!  YOU are in control what areas you want to receive.  You can change them instantly when going on vacation within the SCWF Forecast area!

So how much is this?  Yeah it’s 100% FREE TO JOIN

Who is the service for? Everyone … Since weather affects everyone’s daily lives and health, this service will help you. SCWF has helped many companies from trucking to roofing, giving advanced warning on what is expected.

SCWF has helped people with medical conditions know ahead of time when the weather will be hotter or colder. SCWF is for everyone and so is this service