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Welcome to Southern California Weather,

This site cannot run without ads, and most sites cannot.  The ads pay for all the forecasts and updates you get, including the email/app alert systems.  However, sometimes the site will load slowly, have unexpected videos playing, and be cluttered with ads in the article or alert sections.   We’ve come up with a fair solution offer to you so you have no intrusive ads when logged into the site.

Solution:  Only $10/year will get rid of the CONTENT ads as long as you are logged into the site.  The site will load 90% faster and will not look as cluttered.  A small header ad will remain because we cannot remove that and it is not intrusive.  However, we will be able to remove the sidebar ads and content ads, meaning you won’t see ads in the content section.

$10 per year is very cheap for the information you get, including faster load times, and a non-cluttered website.   At only 83 cents per month, paid annually.

Blocking:  Yes, we know it exists and this takes away from our project revenue-wise so this year we will be implementing a code to hide the content for those who have code that blocks the ads on our site.  We do not support blocking sites that need to make revenue to survive with ads.

Compatibility:  FireFox Only, inquire about other browsers by contacting us.

Lets look at the website articles with ads and without.  Images are click-able.




So if interested, fill out this simple payment form below.  Once you do this, we will manually sign you up to the website and place you in the group that has no ads.  You will then be able to log on and receive the benefits of having no ads while visiting here.

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