Patreon Account Unblock Appeal Form

This page will get your e-mail address at Patreon unblocked.  At Patreon, they do not have a way to keep track of those who cancel and/or their payment information was declined in a way that is easy, so I have to manually find it.  Weather Force is a business, not a charity, and business must be given, which means customers need to keep payment accounts current or the membership privileges are removed unless restored.

You may use the form below to appeal the patreon account in order to fix the payment method, so it does not decline. Once the form is sent, await the e-mail to be addressed with a return e-mail stating the account was restored.  Once restore, you’ll have 3 days to fix the payment method to re-join the Weather Force patreon or the account is blocked again, and the process will need to be repeated.  Thank you and see you back on the service should you decide to return privileges to the membership account there and on this main site, including the e-mail alerts and member section models.