Rules For Our Social Media Pages

These are the rules to all SCWF Pages and Groups …

1. Links are not allowed other than admin postings, nor in the comment section.

2. Mentioning other weather sites/forecasts is also not allowed. You’re here on this group and the project is independent, other forecasts are not valid here.  I am handling any and all weather aspects and very good at it … I don’t need hints, etc … That’s like telling a NASCAR driver how to drive.  I do NOT want others speaking for me if someone asks me a question.  NO alternative personal or commercial forecasts allowed here that may confuse the reader of the official forecast given.

3. Respect everyone equally please, we do want to run a family friendly group for weather forecasts, news and conversations we will have.

4. No advertising pages, groups, websites, or anything not related to this weather project.

5. Do not whine or get mad because a forecast changes. It is weather and the pre-forecasts will always change from 5-7 days to 3-4 days and 48 hrs before an event. Only the 0-24 hr forecasts or FINAL forecast is valid for accuracy.

6. We don’t control the weather, hating us because your area didn’t get a storm isn’t going to change things. Yes … this actually happens.

7. We REMOVE forecasts that CHANGE and are NOT valid anymore. Do not accuse us of “hiding” wrong forecasts. When something changes we ALWAYS remove the post because why keep changed information for another to read when it serves no purpose anymore?

8.  “I’ll believe it when I see it” has officially been banned from Southern California Weather Force in comments.  You can’t ‘believe something’ only when you see it. Have FAITH in something you cannot see yet … but the saying literally makes no sense …  Even when you SEE IT you can’t still BELIEVE in it … It then becomes FACT … not a belief anymore…  Whoever made that saying failed English.

9. Following these rules will ensure a very professional, dynamic, fun, informative, organized, and smooth group. Warnings will be given to anyone breaking the rules and repeat offenders will be removed from the group.