SCWC Alert System App

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The SCWCweather Alert System App.


Description:  The app is not available on Play Store or Apple Yet, however you can download it right from the site.  The app is a simple notification system for the Southern California Weather suite of articles and products that may affect your area.

How To Use:  Once you download the app, make sure you allow your phone to run third-party applications like this on a one time basis.  The app will download and install.  Once installed, open it up and hit CHANGE ZONES.  This will bring up a list of zones in alphabetical order.  Find your zone and checkmark it.  Then click save!  You’ll be done!  You can checkmark as many zones as you wish to keep an eye on family and friends.

If an alert from Southern California Weather custom weather alert system is issued, you’ll receive it via the app.

App Run Time:  The app will get alerts between 8am and 9pm local time.  This app will not give alerts overnight unless a thunderstorm, severe thunderstorm, or tornado watch or warning is issued from SCWC.

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