Troubleshooting Account Issues For Southern California Weather Force

This is the troubleshoot page that will give many options to try in order to make your account work.

  1.  The most common reason is the checkmarks are not set and saved for the zones.  If this is not done, it will never send out.  To do this, sign into your account.  Your default account information for username and password is your email address you signed up with.   Login by CLICKING HERE – Once logged in, go to the blue button that says set your email alerts.  Once in there, set the checkmarks, go to the bottom, hit update preferences and you are in the system.
  2. If you did that and still are not receiving the emails, then it is being put in your spam folder OR it is being blocked by your ISP (internet service provider).  Place in your whitelist or contacts and it will not send to spam or block.
  3. If it is blocking your email, contact your ISP (internet service provider) and tell them email services you are paying for seems to be getting blocked.
  4. To test if your email address is being blocked by your ISP (internet service provider), send a test email to the email address by CLICKING HERE.  If you receive an automatic reply, you are not blocked from the server and are able to receive email as long as you troubleshoot the above steps.
  5. If you want to become a full supporting member and receive email alert updates for articles and zones around you, CLICK HERE

That is it for troubleshooting.  Everything has been covered to assure you know why you are not receiving email alerts.  Review the above.  Thank you.

Southern California Weather Force