El Nino Pushes To +3.0; Pattern Set To Change Very Shortly For December Start


November 2015 is going as forecast from the October 1st, projection, with a northwest to southeast flow for cooler than normal temperatures as a whole and inside slider type storms … but El Nino has just reached a milestone of +3.0 … see what that means by reading on …

An amazing +3.0c value has been reached.  What comes after Mega El Nino?  Super Mega?  No, we’ll end it there at Mega El Nino since +2.5c is still a a record.  This Mega El Nino does not mean we will have 100 inches of rain.  The status of El Nino does not govern the rain amount we receive.  We’ve had wet El Nino years and wet La Nina years.  It only governs the general December through March pattern across the Western United States.

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As stated in the article released not long ago for the monthly outlook … El Nino is set to begin sometime in December.  We’ve seen enough California storms (Tornado in Central California Yesterday) to warrant the ridge is not going to be an issue for California this year.  I’ve seen a number of re-posts and emails about articles from other sources saying Southern California would have more rain than Sacramento this season.  This is a typical El Nino pattern forecast … However I will say again this is NOT a typical El Nino since we are in record territory here.  El Nino’s patterns will be different than we’ve seen.

In the monthly outlook it states December has just above average precipitation for most of the areas south and east of Los Angeles, with above average and more rain for areas north in altitude through Kern/SLO/SBA County.  This means the Pacific Jet is starting to move faster and slam California with more storms.

Come January we have the full effects of the raging Pacific Jet Stream and this slams us with very powerful storms and we go above average for that month in precipitation – However again Central and Northern California will come out winning this season over with more rain/snow than us.  This is a good thing for the drought.  We need the reservoirs filled up north and also the Sierra Nevada needs a good snowpack.  So far the Sierra Nevada is doing way better than last season and this will continue to build.

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