December 9, 2015 at 10:55 am

WARNING: Arctic Blast Heading For Southern California



An Arctic Blast is heading for Southern California and indications are it looks similar to the November 2004 and December 2008 pattern where the snow hit below 2,000 feet in spots so read on for the long range details.

First we will see the weak front Thu/Fri … another later Sunday into Monday, which could be a bit stronger.  So we’re having two cold fronts move through in a short period of time, similar to what El Nino should behave like … just stronger storms are needed.  But there is something coming in the longer range that confidence is widely growing.

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In yet another long range projection, the atmosphere is indeed starting to get rid of the ridge just to the west of us and in doing so an Omega Block will develop west of Northern California and send storms through Western Canada and down straight into California.  Ag interests should pay attention after December 15th through the 20th as this blast of arctic air heads into the area.

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Temperatures will be well below normal, similar to the December 2008 Arctic Blast, which was given a 3 week forecast notice here at this service.  My long range projections are of moderate confidence right now in the 7-10 period, however the blast of Siberian air looks to be on track.

Whether or not snow will fall with it is yet to be seen, however these patterns like December 2008 have in the past brought some of the lowest elevation snowfall events so if it hits just right the High Desert will see snow, including the mountain resorts, just in time for Christmas Week plans.  These snow levels ‘could’ bring them into the upper valley areas as well  … regardless the period between December 15th-25th will be very cold and for our Southern California standards it’ll be too cold.  Cold shelters are urged to continue to watch the latest SCWF forecasts to plan to open for the homeless.

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