BREAKING: Storm Pattern To Return To Southern California After March 20th


Well would you look at that?  The forecast released for the March 2017 Long Range of a storm pattern returning after mid-month, after a dry/warm period looks to remain intact and we are heading back into a storm pattern soon.  Going to NASCAR near the end of the month? Read on for the details.

At the current time, ridging in place has brought above normal temperatures to inland areas, fog along the coast, and dry weather .. that of which usually happens in the May and June periods, not March.   However, as stated in the article released on March 1st, (Click Here To Read That) it said that “March 2017 so far will feel like our dry weather of the previous years.  I’m not seeing any concrete evidence that large troughs will affect us during the first half of the month.”  This so far has been correct.

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Furthermore it stated that “as with the previous months this entire season we seem to be stuck in a pattern where between the 17th and 23rd of each month we get a blocking pattern that allows for troughs to line up storms into the area.  Given this … I’ll go ahead with it and maintain the current seasonal pattern and monitor the conditions after March 17th.”  This is what will be the next to be correct.

My numbers continue to indicate a rapid change in the weather pattern after March 18th to the 20th, with a period between March 20th and the end of the month lining up storm systems into our area.

The image within this article is of 50 value numbers with a slight tweak of each, displaying the average atmospheric profile during the period listed above.  Clearly a large trough will be in the area, owning to a storm pattern returning.

Those of you who are going to NASCAR between march 24th-26th will be greeted with the very real chance that one of those days will have a storm system move through.  I’ll be heading there on Sunday, March 26th … so fingers are crossed it will be between systems, which should allow for a good race day.  Temperatures during NASCAR will be on the cold side … dress warm …

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