August 3, 2017 at 4:57 pm

High Humidity Streak To End After The Weekend Across Southern California


The atmosphere was very unstable today and storms exploded in the inland areas, but just as fast as they came they’ll vanish by sunset due to the loss of daytime heating.  As if someone hits a switch tomorrow, it’ll look much more stable out there and the humidity is coming down soon so read on for details.

First … what about tonight?  There is an upper level dynamic in the High Desert areas, including the Kern County metros and mountains.  This component will bring elevated instability to the region and a re-fire of shower or thunderstorm activity is possible.

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For your Friday it’ll look like someone turned the switch off in terms of coverage of thunderstorms.  Much drier air in the mid-levels would make it so that it would be tough for much to form … with the inland valleys certainly not seeing storms like today.

Over the weekend my models continue to show the humidity being pushed out of here and we will return to normal temperatures and dry conditions for the region .. lasting well over a week.

So patience … for now … It’s almost over …

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