Inland Heatwave To Strike Southland Along With The Santa Ana Winds


An inland heatwave that will be accompanied by the Santa Ana Winds will hit the southland, with temperatures rising through end week into the weekend.  Vandenberg Air Force Base is launching a rocket soon … Find out all the details by reading on …

As per the October 2017 official long range forecast put on this site, the first ‘event’ will be the climb in temperatures as noted in the quote in the article;  “We are starting with below average temperatures but after the 5th we start to climb.” This will happen with upper 90s to even maybe 100F being reached by Friday and extending well into the weekend and even this next week.

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The heat will be accompanied by the offshore flow, otherwise known as the Santa Ana Winds.  Weak offshore flow will happen on Friday with the start of the higher temperatures.  It won’t be until Monday where we start to see a bit more upper support and cooling in the Great Basin for thermal support for the Santa Ana Winds to be their strongest.   Currently am targeting Monday, October 9th, as being the stronger Santa Ana Wind event day with elevated fire risks.  Wind temperature model suggests a warm/hot wind typical of October.

Within the 9th of October, pushed back from October 4th, Vandenberg Air Force Base is scheduled to launch the Falcon 9 rocket carrying satellites for Iridium.  Launch time is scheduled for 5:37am.  While it isn’t too much of twilight, the first stage to the south over the bight and southwest of San Diego may produce a visible twilight/sun-lit exhaust plume that would be visible for hundreds of miles around the launch site.  So if you’re up that may be something fun to look at.

While we bake inland at the metros … the High Desert will NOT see the high temperatures.

We’ll have a slight cool-down by mid-month but it won’t last as we surge back up.  We can all wait for my predicted end month storm system till then …

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