Incoming Geomagnetic Storm: Three Mild Quakes Building Stress On California Fault Systems Today; Sun Activity Being Added Soon


We have had three mild quakes on the San Jacinto Fault-zone today, more than we have had in awhile along this fault area. The entire California region, especially Southern California is at risk for a larger one and the watch the earlier issued Earthquake Watch remains in effect for the next week. Read on for details on what is happening and why the recent solar storm several days back may be a cause and how an incoming one may elevated the seismic levels.

Ever since we started having quakes in the Southern California region around Trabuco Canyon several months back, we seem to be transferring energy into the nearby fault areas in the region. All fault-zones are corrected like your nerves are in your body. Think of it like the San Andreas, San Jacinto, Hayward, and Elsinore Fault zones are the system’s arms. Other small faults like the Whittier and Garlock Faults are the fingers, and of course toe and finger nails being the smaller faults from those. These are all connected and when one larger one moves it will affect the ones below it.

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Three 3.0+ magnitude quakes along one of the larger fault-zone branches will continue to add onto the stress in the California fault systems. About 20 years ago I researched geomagnetic fields on the core and what that could do. Since the core is iron and the Earth has a geomagnetic field … stronger charges within it during solar storms would attract the iron core of the Earth toward a certain part. This, even moving an inch would generate a shockwave that would travel to through the mantle and hitting the lower crust. This would shake up the planet and pending on where these waves hit under the crust would be where the unrest would be. This was a theory of mine about 20 years ago which I still stand with today. A reason increased solar activity has been attributed to worldwide quakes.

A stream of solar wind is approaching Earth and it could graze our planet’s magnetic field on April 26th or 27th. The gaseous material is flowing from a northern hole in the sun’s atmosphere. Should this ring the planet like a bell and my Geomagnetic Shockwave Theory be true, activity will remain elevated.

We will remain on imminent Earthquake Watch mode this week and today’s unsettled fault-zones are an indication how unstable the area is getting.

NOTE: An Earthquake Watch was issued earlier and remains in effect for this elevated chance a larger quake will hit the state in the next 7 days.
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