Showers: Dynamic Inside Slider Moves Across Southland Later Monday through Early Wednesday


A dynamic inside slider out of the Northwest will move directly over the Southern California area with showers starting as early as Monday night south and east of Los Angeles with the greatest coverage on Tuesday.  Read on for details on what you could see.

This dynamics inside slider will develop a surface low over Las Vegas on Monday evening and this will generate a stronger onshore flow that will bring upslope showers in some areas of San Diego north into the Inland Empire.

As the upper level low cuts off over Southern California on Tuesday, the cold air aloft and deeper level moisture will allow for showers to pop off, mainly Eastern Ventura County as the western most edge of the activity and mainly south and east of Los Angeles, including the Morongo Basin, where upper divergence will be maximized.

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This type of system is such that hit and miss activity will hit and if the instability is strong enough I will continue monitoring the forecast area for the chance of thunder.  Short term modeling will be needed for that on Tuesday morning to get a definitive final forecast for those.

The snow level across the region will be just above 6,500 FT and with convective showers we could see snowfall above that level in the Riverside, San Bernardino and Los Angeles County Mountains on Tuesday.

Activity with the left-over showers will continue hit and miss through early Wednesday before waning down.

Wind gusts will be the strongest today into Sunday for the deserts with gusts continuing through the coming system out there.  Probably really gusty at Stagecoach.

Due to the inside pattern, Santa Barbara and Coastal San Luis Obispo will not see anything from this … and likely said for Bakersfield as well, however the Kern County Mountains will see the northwest extent of the north to south flow creating showers there on Tuesday.

As for the previous issued Earthquake Watch.  It will remain in place.  Monitoring of the exclusive SCWF Earthquake Model is below the caution today but expecting that to change as we move through the 7-Day Watch Window.


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