Cool Weekend To Give To Heat This Next Week Inland; A First Look Into July 2018


An upper level system north of here is bringing a stronger onshore flow and thus cooler temperatures and coast/basin/valley light rain for Father’s Day Weekend.  Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers out there.  I’m a cat dad so it counts! (meow!).  A ridge builds in this next week for heat to return in the inland areas and July has changes coming up so get the details by reading on, not just reading the title.

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One thing I’ll note is the chance of some lighter rain, or hit and miss showers tonight through Sunday morning.  This will be due to an eddy forming west of Catalina with the deeper onshore flow.  Some areas will record measurable precipitation, especially in the Eastern Ventura to SFV/SCV areas.  Roads will be slick out there so take caution while driving in spots.  The rainfall model is in the member section (free this Summer only) and can be viewed by clicking here.

Comfortable temperatures in the 70s inland, with 60s in the basin and 80s in the high desert, and 90s in the low desert with not a 100 in sight across the region will last through at least Monday.  After Monday we will have a ridge to our southwest build in and push our upper level system to the north off to the east and then our heat for June will return with 90s inland, 100s deserts, and even some 80s on the coast for wonderful beach weather.

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This however will NOT be considered a heatwave as temperatures across the Inland Empire will struggle to get over 100, staying mainly in the 90s.  No, your car thermometers are not official readings so don’t comment saying I was wrong if it says 110 in the Inland areas minus the low deserts.  Official FAA Airport Observations are used by me only for verification in temperatures.

The lack of So2 (volcanic eruptions from Hawaii) is beginning to take the toll.  If she erupts again to 30,000 feet or higher we could continue seeing these cooler temperatures but so far June is average in temperatures inland and slightly above in the low deserts, as per the June 2018 forecast released at the beginning of the month (click here to read that).

As for July .. end June into early July should be cooler than average and of course I am continuing to monitor the 4th of July for you.  Can this be the year where the pool needs to be heated for those parties?  Could be …

One thing I am watching is how the upper trough that is for now remaining in the area causing all this onshore flow and cooler temperatures will move.  It’s likely it may nudge west by Mid-July and if this happens we could see one of our very first significant heatwaves of the Summer.  My numbers right now are showing Mid-July as extremely hot.  The four corners monsoon ridge will struggle to maintain build however as it builds and breaks-down, then we could easily see monsoonal moisture pooling into the region.

The fault-stress model is continuing to not be as significant as the past so the quake potential remains low until the signs and trend point upward.

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Things to note are as followed;

  1. A colder than normal Summer does not mean we won’t have times of a heatwave or two.  It means overall it’ll be colder than normal.
  2. Tornado activity will remain this Summer in the desert and Central/Eastern Inland Empire areas.  Thunderstorms elsewhere likely …
  3. Monsoon Season starts June 15th, however this year will be a mid-start, likely toward or in July.
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