June 2, 2019 at 6:34 pm

Earthquake Watch Window Netting High Activity, Remains Through June 6th


On May 26th, an Earthquake Watch was issued here at Southern California Weather Force till June 6th.  The 10-day window has not brought a larger quake, however, a swarm of smaller ones has some concern.  Read on for details …

On the evening of May 26th, here at Southern California Weather Force, I issued an Earthquake Watch based on the fault-stress model I have developed showing high levels of stress with a ‘trend-line’ on the up angle. (Click Here For That Article)  Typically this means that the state of California, Nevada, and Northern Baja regions are under higher levels of stress factors for future earthquake swarms and/or a larger earthquake event to hit.  The accuracy of this project is 100% and this week has proved it.  Swarms of quakes have hit California, most notably in the Inland Empire areas.

The Inland area does fall within the Cucamonga, Elsinore, San Jacinto, and the San Andreas Fault affecting zones.  These could very well be a slow slip function.  Imagine holding onto a wedge and having one finger slip, and then the rest, slowly, one by one.  Those are the small quakes we are seeing.  At the very end, the last finger would be the fall, the main slippage.  This would be the larger quake.  Due to the continued high levels of stress on my model, it is very possible in the CA/NV or Northern Baja region that we will see a larger quake come from this.  The question is where … The swarm could easily just stop and all activity will cease … or it could generate stress elsewhere and pop a larger one.

You should be having your earthquake procedures and supplies on the ready and should always do so when I issue an Earthquake Watch, and I did so promptly on May 26th.

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