Category Four Hurricane Eta Impacts Central America This Week Followed By A Risk To The Southeast United States After November 11th


I usually don’t go too far out unless confidence is there, but Hurricane Eta’s drift northward has been consistent in long range progs for quite awhile now so there is no reason to say it won’t happen so read on for details as category four eta threats the United States soon.

The system will be a category four when it hits the Central America East Coast on Tuesday night.  The system will weaken as it does so and it’ll move back out into the Caribbean Sea by Friday, curving northeastward towards Cuba.  The shear+warm waters will try to restrengthen the system this weekend.   Deep troughs across the United States are expected to continue bringing Eta northward towards the country with each passing day.  Like I’ve said before, who gets the system depends on when the troughs move into the area.

We could have a deep trough move int, scoop Eta up, and shove it northeast, missing the United States completely and exiting into the Atlantic.  This is what long range showed for Zeta and we all know what that one did.   So.. following the trend in that range, Eta will likely redevelop and hit Florida or go into the Eastern Gulf of Mexico again and have a run at Eastern Louisiana to MS/AL like storms before it did.

So this article is to let you know that there is a threat looming after November 11th for the Southeastern United States and that here at National Weather Force I’ll continue to watch it.  Heck I was right about Zeta being a category two when other had a one (click here for that) so this is where you should monitor future updates.

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