Penumbral Lunar Eclipse Tonight Joined With Chance Of Full 22 Degree Moon Halo Through Monday Morning


A lunar eclipse will be happening overnight tonight when most people are sleeping.  Even those awake may not realize it when looking up because this is a different type of eclipse.  It is a penumbral lunar eclipse.  High Clouds may block the view, but in parts, it may produce a 22 degree Moon halo tonight with the Full Moon shining down on Southern California so photographers get your cameras ready and read on for details …

Just what is a penumbral eclipse?  The penumbra is the outer section of the Earth’s shadow.  If you take a ball and put it above the ground you will notice the shadow is dark all the way around it and sharp in contrast.  If you raise the ball up, the outer edges start to lighten up or become opaque.  This outer section away from the darker shadow happens out in space as well as our planet’s shadow.  The Moon will enter this shadow at 11:33 pm Pacific Time and maximize within it for mid-eclipse at 1:44 am.  Visually you will not see much.  It will still look like a Full Moon, just a bit more hazy and darker.  This will not produce a dark shadow across it like what most think an eclipse is.

Weather-wise, the image in this article shows a strong jet stream moving towards Southern California.  A small area of upper-level moisture is in the circled area.  This will move through overnight tonight during the eclipse.  Before it hits, however, the cirrus cloud layer may just be thin enough for a 22 degree Moon Halo overnight tonight at any time.  SO photographers, snap the Full Moon pictures and catch a halo.  Post it in the comment section at the Southern California Weather Force Facebook Post.

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