June 29, 2021 at 6:30 am

Tornado Watch Issued For Las Vegas Metro; Pacific Northwest Heatwave Affects Southwest USA


Southern California and Arizona Weather Force have issued a Tornado Watch effective now through tonight … Yesterday in an article mentioned Las Vegas would get ransacked… Click here… Well, It’s possible we might see tornado damage in the city for the first time in history.. won’t surprise me. Portland 116F .. so let’s do it read on for more…

The Pacific Northwest had a heatwave that has ended because onshore flow kicked in.. like it does LA… BUT… I don’t know how many of you travel to Las Vegas… but… The article beforehand I stated…LV would be ransacked… We have a north-to-south flow over Las Vegas .. With a backing, southeast flow it’s likely for low-level shear rotation for tornadoes… In response to that, I am issuing a full TORNADO WATCH.. .in addition to the watch, there will be frequent lightning, large hail, and damaging winds…

The PAC NW ridge was very rare.. … That is why our summer,, It was called an Omega Block .. Google it…

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