HOT TOPIC: ARKstorm Patterns; California Super Flood Imminent; Question Answered Years Ago Here At SCWF, Not Recently


Back in my 2016-2017 forecast I issued a forecast that a major ‘Arkstorm’ Pattern would be part of the 2016-2017 forecast for California.  As of recent, articles from ‘sources’ like UCLA have posted what I already stated on August 23, 2016, 6 years before, and might I add without credit they have plagiarized everything I posted then.  One thing I will NOT tolerate is plagiarism of my past, present, or future work and I will be addressing this so if you are in the media or know anyone you can send this to in the media, please contact me for a story correction once you read the following so read on for answers and details …

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This article here – Click here – was the August 23, 2016 article – And during the 2016-2017 season we had close to an ‘Arkstorm’, but nothing like the past.  Still it was within the top 5 of past years with atmospheric rivers (Pineapple Express) systems into California.

Now you can Click here to see that forecast come true from here at Southern California Weather Force, predicting such –

An undisclosed theory of mine lead me to believe that the 2016-2017 storm season would yield more rainfall in Southern California than the previous Super El Nino.  The theory revolved around the general position of the ridge average in Spring and Summer … lasting 6 months.  Using a mathematical equation, it was predicted where the large-scale patterns would be in the Fall and Winter … prime months for rainfall in Southern California.

During December 1861 to January 1862 the state of California received numerous Pineapple Express systems, which lead to the ‘Great Floods of 1862’.  These floods were NOT associated with an El Nino.  So that pretty much sums it up that El Nino does not need to be present for major storm systems to hit California.  What likely happened is a blocking pattern formed with a large ridge way west of North American … that brought low pressure systems on the east side of it due west of the coast and stayed there … pumping in moisture for many days.  This type of event is only possible during a neutral or La Nina pattern where the atmosphere has strong ridges.  Where those ridges generally end up is unfavorable for Southern California in La Nina but there is always the chance they push to more favorable positions.

So .. just like the failed Super El Nino … a La Nina can easily put down many storms regardless.  There are more pieces to the puzzle here.

FUTURE:  Will it happen again? of course it will, but it is a natural cycle of the planet, and they will not just get stronger and stronger.  If that was true, we would see it by now.  When it is about to happen, you will know from what I predict in the seasonal and/or monthly forecasts on my pages/site/alert system/twitter.

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