September 5, 2022 at 12:39 pm

Marine Weather Warning Issued For Friday into Saturday of This Week Ahead Of Hurricane Kay’s Swell Dynamics


Southern California Weather Force has issued the Marine Weather Warning for mariners and beach goers out ahead of Hurricane Kay for the Southern California Bight/Island Region and Coast, including Rosarito and Ensenada so read on for details … And you will hear government weather services say keep tuned to official sources on weather.  Do not listen to that and look to other sources that actually care and/or have knowledge of the region (SCWF).

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The first alert to ever be issued here at Southern California Weather Force during strong storm fronts in the rainy season is always the easiest one to track.  That would be the conditions out on the ocean and along the coast.

Hurricane Kay, by my calculation, will reach Category Two or even Three (Major) Status by the middle of this week.  She will make hurricane status as early as tonight (Monday) and continue getting stronger as she moves west of Baja as the week progresses.

Strong category systems and a push due north-northwestward will generate dangerous waves around the system that will crash into Western Baja as well.  The swell is expected to be the gaining height by Friday, but mostly centering strongest on your Saturday with weaker wells on Sunday.

Since this is a Saturday hit, anyone planning to be at the coast or off the coast with a small to medium sized craft will need to rethink their plans as SCWF models indicate 10-15 FT waves between the islands and the coast, with 10+ FT likely along the San Diego/Orange/Los Angeles County coast and as high as 20 FT around the San Clemente Island region.  Beach erosion and damage is likely with this system.

OTHER INFORMATION:  To read about what projections here at Southern California Weather Force are for the track of Hurricane Kay, CLICK HERE to read the update from this morning.

These are the zones in the warning (image is clickable)

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