FINAL FORECAST: Storm System to Hit Friday, Then Again This Next Week; Avalanche Watch in Effect; Models Inside


This month’s Raiden Storm Pattern will begin west of Los Angeles tonight, followed by the rest of the forecast area tomorrow, with a secondary hit around Tuesday March 14th.  The entire series will hit areas Los Angeles westward more than eastward, the exception being the Wrightwood forecast area, which will be hit hard with the rain during the forecasted period…  Avalanche Watches have been issued here at Southern California Weather Force so for the detailed rain map for this event, read on for details …

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This system will, as previously stated, hit Central and Northern California the hardest.  That is out of my forecast jurisdiction at SCWF so for that article you can Click Here.  

As for us down here, we will peak with the first wave moving through on a tail-end Charlie fashion, meaning the tail-end of a much stronger frontal zone up north on your Friday.  Saturday will be a down period between systems so if you have plans then, you can expect much calmer conditions.  The heaviest will swing through on Tuesday and Wednesday of this next week.

This system will have high snow-levels and with the deep snowpack above 8,000 FT already in place, the warm rainfall will cause an avalanche concern, a rare alert to be issued for the coming circumstances.  

Residents in the issued zones above are urged to keep travel as an as needed basis.

Because of this danger, a rare but official Avalanche Watch has been issued by this office, not including the Kern, Santa Ana, or San Diego Mountains given you do not have the heave snowpack as the Ventura, Los Angeles, and Riverside Mountains.  Wrightwood is especially in a targeted danger along Highway 2, and also the Rim area of Highway 18 in the San Bernardino Mountains.  Click here to read that.

This entire event is from a follow-up to two articles, one from March 1st calling the pattern into California (Click Here), and the other a follow-up to that one for the Pineapple Express wording, which can be found by Clicking Here.

Rain Model – FRIDAY 3-10 THROUGH THURSDAY 3-16-2023
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