Summer 2023 Forecast for Southern California; Will Most of The Heat Be Escaped?


Southern California Weather Force has finalized and issued the official Summer 2023 forecast for what the temperatures will be on average across the state, which has not changed from previous mentions.

As we transition from La Nina into El Nino, low pressure is usually prominent most of the summer off the west coast.  This can do many things for the summer so let me explain each one in a bit more detail.

First of all, low pressure positioned off the California coast on average brings colder than normal to average temperatures for June, July, and August.  Given we are seeing a May Gray and we also will see a June Gloom, we have reverted back to over 30 years ago when these features were more prominent than in recent years.

In my 25 years of studying the weather patterns, this type of pattern also brings with it a drier to average monsoon season for Southern California in terms of easterly waves.  The moisture this season will come from strong hurricanes south of here that would be caught in the offshore low-pressure systems and sucked northward toward the forecast area.  This will be how we will get most of the moisture for rain and storms this summer while Arizona has their average to above normal monsoon.

All and all it looks like Summer 2023 will be a summer of mainly average to below average temperatures for the region.  Now here is not to say we will not see times with heatwaves though.  They just will not be prolonged heatwaves. We will see one of those in the third week of June sometime.

If you are new and do not trust my long range, read the following article on my El Nino forecast update and the links within it showing past forecast verifications –

Yeah and I know a lot of people see these long-range forecasts and say ‘yeah right’ they were wrong last time.  You’re right, NOAA and all outlets are always wrong because they do not know what they are doing in the long range or what to even look for.  All other sources are predicting a hotter than normal summer.  So once again, I am opposite of those.

With that being said, Southern California Weather Force will be slow at times, active on others, but as we move through the summer this service will always inform as long as you have ways to get such from it.


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