January 9, 2017 at 6:43 am

Lightning Hits Los Angeles County, Pacific Storm Freddy Moves Out Today


Lightning lit up the skies over Northern Orange County northward into the Los Angeles County areas this morning and over 400 strikes were recorded.  Pacific Storm Freddy will move out today … but more fronts are lined up so read on for details …

Pacific Storm Freddy brought 20-30 mph wind gusts to the areas that had thunderstorms, along with a heavy front.  This would be just shy of a Category Three … so he’ll finalize as a high-end category two system out of my one through six scale.

Lightning struck LA/OC forecast area just after 3am this morning.  What I’d like to note is that the new thunderstorm model here at Southern California Weather Force did pick up on this, as noted in the previous article (click here) … stating…

“At the current time I am looking over the metros and seeing exactly what to issue in the Ventura, Los Angeles, Orange, Inland Empire areas as dynamics are becoming favorable with a few jet position moves and cold air aloft moving in for the risk of lightning to be possible … mainly in the LA/OC areas at the time where stronger instability has been noted.”

This would make it a perfect forecast and the new model will be used for future storm fronts.

The frontal zone hit the San Luis Obispo,  Santa Barbara, Ventura, Los Angeles areas the hardest, with less rainfall south and east of there.

Gusty winds were also noted in the mountain/desert areas and will continue through today.


The next front will again be favorable for the same areas on Tuesday into Wednesday … with less rainfall in San Diego and more in Los Angeles … as has been the pattern.  My previous article (click here) stated that with these fronts, the San Diego areas would see the weakest amounts … so this forecast again … is on track.  The system on Tuesday should bring up-slope showers to the metro areas ahead of the main front … so Tuesday won’t be like yesterday was .. clear ahead of the storm.  You’ll have showers developing even during the day with up-slope activity …


One of my models does show a deluge of storms between January 19th and the end of the month.  However … there are a few things that will hold me off from officially calling it the next storm pattern.  One of those is that out of 2 numbers, 8 numbers is showing up as a slight ridging … so this would be drier pattern for ensembles.   So right now I’m just not going to call the next pattern for another 3-5 more days and then we’ll touch on it.

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