December 7, 2021 at 10:08 am

Long Range Travel Advisory Issued For All Southern California Mountain Pass and High Desert Locations For Low Elevation Snow Event With Severe Weather For The Coast and Inland Areas


Southern California Weather Force has issued a Long Range Travel Advisory effective centering Tuesday December 14, 2021 for a low elevation snowfall risk that would impact the mountain pass and high desert areas with a snow level to 2,500 Feet as an arctic air mass bears down toward the area along with severe weather for the coastal and inland valley areas so read on for details …

In seven days from this write-up, a strong storm system looks to hit the area within the Martin Storm Pattern of December 2021.  All this happening today with the light rain is just the start.  This system will move due south of here and be responsible for putting a wrench into the pattern and shoving the high pressure system west toward north of Hawaii.  As this happens, another system on Thursday will move in, stronger than today of course.  This has been the plan all along and so far it is following what I’ve put for it.  The next in line is Tuesday December 14, 2021’s system.

The system very well could obtain a Pacific Storm name, the first name given for the 2021-2022 season.  Why do I name storms?  Pacific Storms have been named by this service since 1999. This service is the first and only one to name them into Southern California. Naming them gives me the chance to look them up by name in my records and not by just a date. I can remember Pacific Storm Avery being September 2007 due the reason for the name. Categories are also given, from 1-6, each one higher and stronger than the other. Set parameters such as flood risks, thunderstorm risk, and wind gust risks are given to assess what category an area will be in and it is displayed on a map for all to see.

The December 14th system (or around there) is what this long range travel advisory is for.  Since holiday travel is happening during that period, this needs to go out now for planning purposes.  An arctic air-mass will move into the area.  This is the same air-mass creating the storms in Alaska as I type this.  Long range averages in my calculations continue to show this coming in as it did so last month with my December 2021 forecast, which you’ll find in the links below.  This would be the system to bring the snow into the mountain pass and high desert regions.  Snow levels will be as low as 2500 ft.  This would affect the Gorman Pass (Grapevine), Cajon Pass, Banning Pass, and I-8 in San Diego County through Pine Valley.  It also would affect the pass through Tehachapi and even Highway 14 between Santa Clarita and Palmdale.

If you do have plans to travel on that day, I would suggest continuing to monitor the latest forecasts here at Southern California Weather Force, however you get them, either by the member email alert system, social media, or checking the main website daily for updates.  The ABOUT section of this site will tell you all you need to know about it for navigation.  Click here to read the about section.

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ELSEWHERE:  These types of storms are the ones to produce damaging winds along the frontal zone and even the risk of tornadoes, mainly coastal and somewhat inland.  Damage due to falling trees and power-lines with the winds will be likely with such a system.

LONG RANGE:  With the ridge shoved west to north of Hawaii, the door remains open for storm after storm through the end of the month for the California region so stay tuned for updates …

A Martin Storm Pattern means that the pattern was predicted before apps or government/private sources, and since my last name is Martin, like a person who discovered a comet, it is only fair this coming pattern is the Martin Storm Pattern of December 2021.  There will be MANY Martin Storm Patterns due to my ability to go longer range in weather.

This was a follow-up to the following articles – You can read them and see how this forecast is evolving from Day 1.

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