Santa Ana Wind Warning Issued; New 800 Number Activated For Forecasts; And Monday Evening’s Coming Brilliant Sunset; Zoom-in Wind Models Included


Southern California Weather Force has issued a Santa Ana Wind Warning, upgraded from the Santa Ana Wind Watch issued on December 3rd.  A new 800 number has also been activated with a number of extensions for forecasts.  Photographers.  Remember I told you about the halo around the Moon last month?  Well grab the camera, Monday’s sunset may be one of the most brilliant sunsets and quite some time if the Sun angle hits just right.  Oh and the city of Hemet, you will get hit hard with these winds, as will Yucaipa/Banning Pass so read on for details and see the zoom-in models.

An upper level low is expected to move across Southern California on Monday.  This upper level low will move due south at a very quick pace.  As Monday hits, offshore flow into the surface low south of here will begin the Santa Ana Wind Warning.  A wind watch is also issued for a rare offshore event for the San Luis Obispo County area.  You can view that by clicking here.  The Santa Ana Wind Warning will go from Monday into Tuesday evening, the strongest winds will be on Monday later evening till around noon on Tuesday.  Wind gusts will be level 5 conditions in both the Cajon and Gorman Pass areas.  This means that high profile vehicles can travel, but make sure the weight is corrected or a tip-over is possible.  Your wind models for your areas are below this forecast.

Monday’s sunset may very well be the most brilliant sunsets in a while.  The reason for this is because the mid-levels are saturated, and the upper and low levels are dry.  A thin layer of moisture exists at around 18,000 FT.  This will bring cloud cover over most of Southern California, except for San Luis Obispo County.  You, along with Santa Barbara County will need to look east for this sunset with clear skies to your west, and colors galore to the east.   As the sun hits near the horizon, the light will shine on the virga (falling rain that evaporates before hitting the ground and produce an eerie underbelly to the cloud cover expected.   Those of you nearest to Los Angeles will have the best chance of seeing this.  I am unsure how far into the desert it will extend, but the cloud cover will be everywhere, so get your cameras ready.

Southern California Weather Force is testing out a new 1-800 number.  The extensions allow you to listen to the latest regional forecasts and thoughts on current or upcoming events.
The number is 1-800-682-SLOP (7567) –  Yes, it says slop.  Many will question my reasons for it, but the reason is simple.  Slop means to go out of boundaries and above it all.  Work done here goes above and beyond, hence it is a funny name, however, works in the end.  Here are the extensions.

For Southern California Weather Force press 1
For Arizona Weather Force press 2
For National Weather Force press 3
For California Fault Stress Model press 4
For Vandenberg Air Force Base Launch Weather Press 5
For Current Solar Activity Press 6
For Meteor Shower Weather Press 7
For The Cajon Pass Weather Press 9
For The Grapevine (Gorman Pass) Weather Press 10
For The Top of the Cajon Pass to Vegas along with I-15’s drive Press 11

Now for your images.  These zoom-in model images will have the intensity of this event from Monday into Tuesday afternoon, before dying off on Tuesday evening/night.   Keep in mind that teleconnection values still indicate west coast troughs at any time during the last half of this month … so the storm window is going to mess with future models, but we should get them into California soon.

8. Extensive widespread damage.
7. Trees are broken or uprooted, building damage is considerable. – High Profile Vehicle Roll-Over CERTAIN.
6. SOME Trees are broken or uprooted, building damage is possible. – High Profile Vehicle Roll-Over Likely, Do NOT recommend Traveling in this zone
5. Slight damage occurs to buildings, shingles are blown off of roofs. HIGH WIND WARNING CRITERIA – High Profile Vehicle Roll-Over Possible if weight is not corrected.
4. Twigs and small branches are broken from trees, walking is difficult. Anything 4 and above will have blowing dust if conditions are dry, which does reduce visibility and make driving difficult …
3. Large trees sway, becoming difficult to walk. POWER SHUTDOWN THRESHOLD during any high fire risk. WIND ADVISORY CRITERIA

LA Basin
SD County
SBD Mountains
Cajon Pass
High Desert
Antelope Valley
Channel Islands

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